Pay Per Call Advertising

As an agency – we do have our fields or performance marketing. We do Cost per Call Campaigns for various verticals like Travel Booking, Home Insurance, Pest Control etc.

What is Cost per Call Campaign?
Cost per Call campaign is where payout is paid by advertiser at the time of inbound call received. This inbound call may have additional attached Key performance points like min secs of duration user needs to be engaged within the calls, type of call, identity verticals to be cleared etc.
Once All KPIs are met, payout is qualified.

What kind of delivery flow is there?
Here is the delivery flow
Online Media Ads (Popup/Push/adwords/social media) –> Clicks to Landing Page –> user see toll free or Support phone no, Click to Call Button –> Call is generated and connected to Inbound Call Center –> Agent Qualifies the Call on KPI fulfillment.

Please feel free to get in touch for any kind of Pay Per Call Campaign support, setup and requirements.

List of Inbound Pay Per Calls we deal in:-
✔ Health Insurance
✔ Pest Control Calls
✔ Home Assurance Calls
✔ Technical Support
✔ InternetTV Calls
✔ Amazon Prime Calls
✔ Rehab Addiction Calls
✔ Student Loan Consolidation
✔ Debt Relief Calls
✔ Travel Insurance
✔ Flight Booking Calls
✔ Hotel Booking Calls
✔ Travel Package Booking Calls