Popup Traffic

Popup Advertising – Popup Ads were first of their kind of ads to come into existence, where ads were to be placed outside the main browsing window. Later on Popunder, floating pops, interstitial and other adunits came into existence.

• What is Popup?
When Ads are placed (poped) above current window which user is browsing – they are called Popup Ads. Popup ads can be of different sizes – 800×600, Full page, 350×350 etc. They have always been most aggressive mode of advertising on the internet.

• Evolution of Popup Ads
Popup Ads came into existence in early days of internet ads itself, since 2001 they became popular due to their aggressive approach of advertising. Even though annoying, they ensure that the advertisers message is atleast once flashed to the browsing user, such an aggressive approach made it one of the most wanted branded solution in early days, unless further less annoying adunits/ads types came info existence, but still in todays advance tracking and adserving world Popup ads still remain one of the best option to reach targeted audience.

• Optimization techniques
Popup Ads are Optimized based on various factors, like Keywords, Channel, Category, Mobile Devices, Mobile OS, Language targeting etc. Since popup ads have an inbuild aggressive approach, it becomes vary important to ensure ads are served to Filtered audience only.

• Broad Categorization of Popup Ads
Popup Ads can be mainly classified into Mainstream (Torrent and Download) and Adult Categories.

• Price range and getting started with Quality Popup Ads
Price for popup ads however start from $0.10 CPM (Cost per 1000 visitors), but depending up the channel, category, targeting options price for the popup traffic varies, Average price range for best targeted popup inventory ranges between 0.30 cpm to 0.50 cpm for most of the stuff. Keyword Popup Inventory starts @ $0.30 CPM.