terms and conditions

All payments for advertising must be made in full before the Media Advertising campaigns begin. Additional Credit checks / Approvals are required for Net Terms (Post payment Terms).
Campaign max starting Time: 48 Hours
Min Campaign budget: $100 or equivalent

Modes of Payment:-
Paypal / Wire / Credit Card / Paxum / Web Money / Bitcoin
Invoice will be provided to customer for all events and bookings.

Furthermore, your advertising page must comply fully with the following conditions:
1. Kaleidomedia.com general rates will vary for Sites with pornography or sexual or erotic material, or adult business opportunities (except buying a special package). A pre-approval of price via IO or email exchange is required.

2. KaleidoMedia.com doesn’t RUN any stuff related to software piracy, pirating, hacking, spamming, excessive violence, obscene or vulgar language, abusive content, illegal schemes, false investment advice or deceptive money-making opportunities or ANY form of illegal activity or material, etc.

3. KaleidoMedia.com doesn’t allow any activX campaigns.

4. Your advertisement page MUST NOT contain any popup windows. Any additional window generated by your site shall be considered a popup window, including popups, pop-behinds, or exit popups windows. If a popup window is installed on the URL at any time.

5. Your advertisement page may not have background music or sounds that plays automatically when the page is loaded, contain scripts that alter users browser settings, contain any frame breaking codes, or forwarding codes.

6. Your advertisement page may not contain any scripts and may not be multi-frame page. All scripts and IFRAMEs will be disabled.

7. If your site is changed during the campaign such that it includes inappropriate content, Kaleidomedia.com will stop your campaign immediately.

8. Kaleidomedia.com is not responsible for problems with your target URL, and we can not give you a credit or refund once traffic has been delivered to your site. If you experience a problem with your target URL after your campaign has started, it is your responsibility to login to your account and temporarily disable your traffic.

9. Kaleidomedia.com’s statistics will serve as the official record of traffic delivered. You can cross-reference with your own server logs. You agree that in the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver all the visitors that you ordered within the campaign period according to KaleidoMedia.com’s statistics information, we will refund the undelivered amount on a pro-rata basis.
There will be no other refunds, otherwise stated here.

10. Kaleidomedia.com DOES NOT AND CAN NOT GUARANTEE SALES. We will promote your site and give you massive exposure, but your product or service must make the sale. What we guarantee is that you will receive the number of visitors you purchased.

11. IMPORTANT: Because different tracking systems measure traffic differently, we will go ONLY by our tracking system to measure the total amount of visitors we have delivered to your website.

12. Kaleidomedia.com may stop the campaign and you WILL NOT be entitled to a refund, in case any of the above terms violation is confirmed by tracking systems.