Popunder Traffic

Popunder Advertising – Popunder ads are well known advertising solution, part of Display Media World since long time.

• What is Popunder?
When Ads are placed (poped) below current window which user is browsing – they are called Popunder Ads. Popunder ads can be of different sizes – 800×600, Full page, 350×350 etc.

• Evolution of Popunder Ads
Popunder Ads came into existence in early days of internet ads itself, since 2004-5 they started becoming popular adunit, as they were less annoying and user experience was never disturbed with popunder ads.

• Optimization techniques
There are many methods for optimizing Popunder ads, standard industry practices of optimizing campaigns with sources id, OS, IP Range, devices type, Carriers, City etc works well with Popunder ads aswell.

• Broad Categorization of Popunder Ads
Broadly Popunder Ads can be categories into Adult Oriented and Mainsteam Ads.

• Price range and getting started with Quality Popunder Ads
Price for cheap Popunder ads starts like $0.10 CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) in market, however Cheaper Inventory might not always be best choice and converting when, so best option is to choose Keyword targeted Inventory starting $0.30 CPM onwards.