Full page interstitials ads – value for money

Using full page interstitials ads for promoting your website can be quite effective as they catch the target consumer’s attention and divert them to the advertised website. They have a good click through rates and this are considered to be value for money. Full page interstitials ads are the advertisement pages that open up before the publisher’s website. The target consumers notice it and may click on it to know about the advertised website. This helps in bringing in good traffic to the advertised website and is therefore considered to be value for money.

Since the interstitials ads are of full page it is important that the ad page is attractive. You can contact the online media companies who can design them efficiently and place them with the right networks. If you want to promote your website better and get quality traffic then it is very important that you publish them with them with related networks. The online media company can help you with it as they have a list of related networks and publishers and can publish the ads with them. When people visiting the site see the interstitials ads, they would find it to be relevant to what they want and have better chances of clicking on it.

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