Interstitial popup advertising

Interstitial ads are considered to be very effective in promoting a website and divert good traffic to it. They refer to the ads which appear before a webpage. In case of interstitial popup advertising, the ads open in a separate window that appears over the browser window before your web page. Using them in the ad campaign is considered to be very effective as it catches everyone’s attention easily and diverts them to the advertised website.

The website owners can benefit with the contextual interstitial popup advertising. In contextual ads, you get to advertise to people who are interested in your products and services. Your ads are linked with related networks and with related keywords so that they are visible to the target consumers. When the people see the popup ad before the page they open, they may find it to be of their interest and click on it. This directs them to your website and helps you to get quality traffic. If you want to enjoy better click through rates at the popup advertisements then you can also make sure that the ad has a lot of graphics and can use video or audio also. The online media companies that help you buy website traffic can help you with it.

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