Google Content Network

If you wish to promote or advertise your website without spending a lot then you can make use of Google content network. It has a better reach and is very affordable as compared to advertising on search network. In this kind of advertising, the ad is placed with a content page. So when a user reads the content then the ad might catch his attention. For this it is important that the ad is attractive. In google content network, the advertiser can use text ads, video ads or banner ads with attractive graphics. This can help in catching the visitor’s attention and he may click on the ad. The advertiser needs to pay to the Google network only when the traffic is directed at his site.

The ads are published on content network that are related to your site as they have better click through rates. For instance, if your site is about books then the ad may be placed with a content network that is related to books as well. This way the visitors may be interested in the ad and click on it to know more about the site. They are target oriented and therefore help the advertisers to get better traffic at their site.

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